Tips To Prep Your Garden For The Winter

Winter is probably the hardest time for plants and humans equally. With snow falling continuously and the ground freezing up, during this time plants need to be specially cared for so that when summer gets by it is all ready to start blooming once again. So here are some tips you should be following.

Clear out

Since the season of winter has close to no growth at all in the trees, you need to make sure that there is no room for rot and diseases to spread. If the trees or dead stems end up rotting, the disease or fungus that it catches has a higher chance of spreading easily to the other plants as well. as a result when the perfect season gets by there is no way of reviving these plants and so you are stuck with having to clear off all the plants in your garden. Therefore, to prevent this, make sure that before winter gets by you remove the dead stems, do some lawn mowing Tathra and remove dead undergrowth and such. This would also prevent insect eggs from increasing and killing the plants!

Clean up the yard

Just like you would clean up your closet for winter by moving out all the summer clothes to the back and spreading out the winter outfits in the front, you need to do the same with your yard as well by doing some garden maintenance. Make sure that you place some dried piles of leaves to cover those stems and protect them, cut unwanted branches and trim away those leaves. During winter as well use your spare time to shape up your garden in a way where with the upcoming season your work load is lessened!

Collect the growing harvest

If there are certain plants with barely ripened harvest like green tomatoes and such, do pluck them from the trees and store inside. Leaving them to survive in the cold weather is only going to leave them rotting and they wouldn’t be able to survive in such a weather condition as well. Instead you could look for artificial ways of ripening them and using them for dishes.

Take better care of the roses

Many tend to grow roses in their homes for different reasons. not only are these flowers beautiful but some of them even have the sweetest fragrance. However, if you want to make sure that they don’t die too soon, don’t fertilize them after the late summer. Make sure to avoid cutting the blossoms and pruning them as well to prevent growth. This way you would be able to prevent them from growing too soon only to die with the frost. Make sure to try the above in your garden and protect it, and your plants, during winter!